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Paypal Solution - 2 paypal business accounts for ptc biz

Started by nomi777 2017-08-11 at 16:05
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Dear admin! I have suggestion for you. Kindly think about it. I think You to create 2 or 3 paypal business accounts for your ptc biz.
1 account for for deposit money/add funds and other 2nd account for cashouts/withdrawalsa. And you have And for paypal cashouts you have to make a different rule. Not make instant paypal cashouts. Complete paypal cashouts within 7 days. And When you receive funds from members in your paypal account. Transfer those funds in your your 2nd paypal bussiness account. And make all paypal cashouts from 2nd accounts. And some irresponsible member if want to make a dispute. They can not make a dispute for your 2nd paypal account which you use for withdrawals only. And One thing you have to definitely do. You have not put your all money in paypal accounts. Only when you need for cashouts and you have to make payments for members. only that time you have to add neccessory funds in your paypal accounts.Never add extra money/funds in your paypal accounts.
Paypal doesn't accept any more the PTC site you see what happen with big sites like neobux...
And even if he accepts our principles do not allow us to take any trick on the members.

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