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admin's real picture

Started by MohamedFouadAM 2017-05-12 at 19:33
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Dear admin, I hope if you think again about put your real picture with your real face to make us trust in this site more and more
because when the admin put his real picture with his real face, that's mean he is honest and trusted person and he didn't have anything to fear about,and he want to stay for a long time please admin proof to us that you don't have anything to fear about and make us trust you more and more
and make this site trusted to every one and be like(clixten-ebicclix-cliquebook-familyclix-guruclix) all these site have admins with real faces so they grew fast because the people trust them and please don't tell me there's is sites very trusted with no admin real face like (neobux-grandbux-scarletclix) that's true but they are trusted because they paid milions to the members for many years they toke a longtime to be trusted
I hope you understand what i'm talking about,I want this ste to be the best in everything,make the site more trusted,and make us fell safe here and trust you
proof to all member that you came to stay for a very long time, proof to us who you are,and make this site the most trusted and legit site ever, do every thing to gain the members trust,you are the best admin in this time
Please do it admin,Thank you
longlife IndexClix,and great admin

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