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My earning secret here

Started by jimmy11 2017-05-05 at 20:17
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Stop your clicking for few cents....
Bitcoin affliliateprogram Earn high commossions for life!
High Payouts
We pay up to 50% of our transaction fees to our affiliates. Not only is the affiliate commission percentage high, but also our transaction fees are the highest among all peer-to-peer bitcoin sites. Compare 5% or higher per transaction at Coins with only 1% at other sites!
Lifetime Payments
We are not one of those sites that gives you a $20 credit per referral and forgets about you. We pay commission to you for each transaction placed by the referred user for life! Even ten years from now, if the referred user is active, you will be receiving commissions.
xCoins affiliates can earn money in three different ways. They can refer borrowers, lenders, or other affiliates (also called sub-affiliates) to the site. The commission is calculated as percentage of the xCoins loan origination fee, which can be 5% or higher of the transaction amount. Commissions are paid instantly in bitcoin to the xCoins wallet. All affiliate commissions are paid for the lifetime of the customer.
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